Well we have made it through our first year and I want to thank everyone who travels on Coastal Xpress for their loyalty and continued support. It really has been a great and exciting year! We would like to wish everyone a happy and successful 2014!

Be sure to complete the "Customer Feedback Form" or simply send us an email telling us all about your personal experience. It is with this information we can continue to better serve you. Our success depends on your positive experience.

Schedules and Services

Coastal Xpress Ferry and Water Taxi offers regular taxi service to all resorts, restaurants and private docks departing from Amigos del Mar Dock, San Pedro, and travelling north to Blue Reef Resort approximately 9 miles up the island of Ambergris Caye. We have also added El Secreto,10.5 miles north, as one of our regular stops, 4 times daily. Please see the schedule below for our daily hours of regular service – 5:30 am to 10:30 pm.

We have two forms available on the website, a Charter Inquiry Form, a Credit Card Authorization Form, and a Customer Feedback Form.



1) 1) Last Run going all the way to El Secreto is at 8:30 PM
2) 2) Last Run leaving El Secreto is is at 9:10 PM
3) 10:30 PM Run going as far as Portofino
4) Runs after 10:30 PM are private only and must be booked 30 mins before the office closes.
5) Dear Costumers, we kindly ask that you be at the dock FIFTEEN MINUTES before the boats schedule.


Coastal Xpress is more than happy to assist with any cargo deliveries you may require. Just make sure your cargo is on the dock at least 15 minutes before our regular run taxi is departing. Be sure to make prior arrangements for payment of the cargo and we will be happy to deliver it right to your dock. If your cargo is very large or specialized, you may need to make arrangements for a private taxi. Cost of this service is based on weight.


1. For those of you who are only wanting to visit the town of San Pedro a couple of times a week, paying the one way fare into town and back to your resort, is your best option.

2. The much requested and popular “Daily Pass” is back and available for a purchase price of $25.00 US per day. Following our regular scheduled service, this pass allows you unlimited travel, for the day, between Amigos del Mar and Blue Reef Resort.

3. Coastal Express now travels as far as El Secreto 4 times daily on our regularly scheduled service. This fare is $25 USD. We also offer a 3 day pass for $255 USD, and a 5 day pass for $345 USD. These passes allow for unlimited ferry travel on our regularly scheduled travel and as a bonus provide you with hop on, hop off privileges on any stop along our route.

4. Weekly passes are also available of which allow you unlimited ferry travel between Amigos del Mar Dock and your resort, on the regular run service. Depending on which resort you are staying at determines the price of this pass.

4. Coastal Xpress continues to offer the "Golden Weekly Pass" for the 2014 year. This pass also allows you unlimited ferry travel on the regular run service. However, you can travel from Amigos del Mar Dock all the way to Blue Reef Resort and stop anywhere in between and back. So if you want to leave in the morning and head up to X’Tan Ha for part of the day, then on your way back into town decide you want to stop at the unique Palapa Bar for an hour or so, and then catch the next water taxi back to town, this is the pass for you. It offers you the most flexibility and travel options. This pass sells for $125.00 USD per pass and is good for 7 days.

Be sure to inquire as to which pass or travel option will suit you and your family’s specific needs!


Coastal Xpress would like to assist anyone wanting to travel by water taxi and visit our friends just north of the bridge. We will drop you off at Cloisters Dock and/or Bermuda Landing Dock to stop in for a drink, and possibly a special event at Kama Lounge. Or maybe you would like to catch that all important football or hockey game or maybe the “big fight” on the biggest TV screen on the island, taking it in with a beer and some great food at Feliz Bar and Grill. Then there is the all unique Coco Loco’s Beach Bar where you can find that different kind of drink in a different kind of beach bar! All three of these establishments have daily, weekly and nightly activities going on. Be sure to find out what interests you, then come on down to Amigos del Mar Dock, jump on one of our regular run taxis for only $4.00/person each way and we will drop you at your destination of choice. Hope to see you on the dock!


For those of you wishing to travel farther north than Blue Reef, or maybe you just want to get back to your resort quicker than the regular service, ask and we will take you home.

Maybe you are staying on the more southern part of the island and want to head to Capricorn Restaurant for dinner, or maybe you want to take a quick trip up to the Grand Caribe Resort for a few hours, or maybe you want to catch that all important sports game or fight at the one and only Feliz Bar and Grill. Whatever it is that you're wanting to take part in on your vacation, let Coastal Xpress assist in getting you there. Book your private water taxi for your special event today!

We can arrange a one way or round trip taxi or you may simply charter our service by the hour or by the day to cruise at your pleasure. Our boats are semi covered, so you can choose to either sit in the shade or in the sun. We can accommodate group sizes from 2 to 36 passengers.


The 1st Inaugural Golf Run was a success on January 17, 2014. Coastal Xpress took 13 eager and excited golfers to Caye Chapel for a great day of golf.

If you know of a group or if you are interested in putting together a group together of at least 12 golfers, we would be more than happy to charter you a boat directly to Caye Chapel, have our captain wait for you and when you are tired of hitting those balls we will bring you back all for $25.00 USD per person.

Just give us 2 days notice and let's set it up. Maybe 2014 will be the year we will finally set up a "Weekly Golf Day with Coastal Xpress!

For further information or inquiries, please be sure to either call us at:

011-501-226-2007 or 011-501-226-3007 in San Pedro, Belize

or send us an email with all your specifics to:


We look forward to hearing from you and assisting to make your vacation on the island of Amergris Caye a memorable one!

Check us out on Facebook to make sure you are up to date on any special events or special rates we may be offering!

Ferry and Water Taxi Service
Amigos del Mar Dock, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Phone: +501-226-2007 Email coastalxpress@yahoo.com or mike@coastalxpress.com

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